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Why You Should Buy Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Next Event

Oct 022014

Everyone is excited about your next event – or, at least, that is what you are hoping! You have everything planned out and every detail accounted for in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, studies show that you need to have something for your event attendees to take away with them from your event in order to make a lasting impact. What exactly should you invest in as a great giveaway present? None other than screen printed T-shirts!

If you truly want to get the best deal available, then you need to trust wholeheartedly in the best company to give you that deal – T-Shirts Xpress. Over the years, T-Shirts Xpress has been able to win over the trust of all of their customers by providing a superior level of high-quality service for low-quality prices. It truly does not matter what you need or how much you need of it. T-Shirts Xpress has a team of experts trained in screen printing on Gildan T-shirts that will give you the event and promotional T-shirts that you need.

The Perfect Giveaway Gift
If you are going to give away something, then your best bet would be to give away something that your attendees will love to have. It truly does not matter what type of event you are planning – event and promotional T-shirts can be made for just about anything! Family reunions, professional conferences and even motivational seminars can all benefit from printing on Gildan T-shirts!

Low Cost for High Quality Gifts
Another benefit of investing in printing on Gildan T-shirts for your screen printed T-shirts is the simple fact that you will be able to save a substantial amount of money by doing so. Think about all of the other products that you could normally fit inside of a giveaway bag or even a trinkets box for your event attendees. Chances are that you will end up spending a substantial amount of more money for those types of things per person than you would pay for a screen printed T-shirt.

Who Does NOT Love a T-Shirt?
Chances are that everyone loves to have a T-shirt! Concerts. Field trips. Seminars. Conferences. Theme parks. Movie premieres. There are not every many events that couldn't benefit from event and promotional T-shirts. On the other hand, there are not very many people that would turn down a free T-shirt – especially if it is directly related to the actual event at which they received it. 

For example, a great band can offer band T-shirts in their meet & greet sessions with fans. A motivational speaker can place his or her famous catch phrase or company slogan on a T-shirt and give it away to each attendee or even the willing participant that volunteer to be used for various exercises and activities conducted throughout the seminar. No matter who you are or what you do, chances are that you can find something or some way to push event and promotional T-shirts that you received through printed on Gildan T-shirts.

Shopping Online in Australia: Do's and Don'ts

Aug 172014


Everyone shops online these days. Not only is it more convenient to shop from the comfort of your own home, but it’s also a great way to get access to some of the biggest selection in the entire world and even save money in the process. Unfortunately, there is a lot you need to know in order to avoid scams and stick to legitimate merchants.

Always Look for Valid Payment Options

Legitimate sites use payment merchants like PayPal to accept your funds. PayPal, in turn, does a good job of only servicing companies you can trust. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have an easy method for getting your money back.
What you should always avoid are sites that demand cash, checking information that would amount to giving them a blank check, social security info or any other sensitive info.

Avoid Anything That’s Too Good to Be True

One of the best parts of shopping online is how much you can save, despite so many other advantages. However, there are times when you need to taper your desires with some common sense. Otherwise, it becomes incredibly easy to believe that some extremely low prices are somehow possible.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve stumbled upon an insane bargain, it should probably be elsewhere on the net too. Other companies would need to lower their prices in order to compete. If you don’t see that happening, that price or product isn’t legitimate.

Another excellent way to figure out if an online shop is legitimate, check for the green bar or padlock on the URL bar. There are these things called SSL certificates and they encrypt your data. An online shop without encryption and expects you hand over payment details are very likely to be a scam. SSL certificates are not my forte, but I found an article recently that explains what an SSL certificate is.

Research Potential Offers

Sometimes, though, a company may have sole ownership over a product or service and be able to offer you a great offer in order to become a customer. In such a case, you really can’t compare their prices to what other companies are charging. Instead what you need to do is some research of your own. Often doing a search for the company’s name and “scam” is enough to find out if they’re up to something mischievous.

Always Check Competitors

There are a number of sites online that are worth your consideration no matter what you want to buy. However, a handful of sites sell enough products that you should almost always check them to see if they sell products for less. These are eBay, Amazon and your local Craigslist. If the product you’re interested in exists for less, that’s where you’ll find it.

So before you go making massive purchases online, be aware of the above tips and start implementing them today.

Why You Need to Invest in Screen Printing for Your Next Family Reunion

Aug 082014

undefinedYou have been staring at the date on the calendar since the big event was first scheduled and confirmed. That’s right! Your family reunion is right around the corner and you need to make sure that everything is ready to go and fully prepared before the big day, right? The venue is locked in and the hotel accommodations have been made.

All of the attendees have submitted their RSVPs and made the necessary travel arrangements to make it. Now all that you need to do is put the icing on the cake by adding one seemingly insignificant yet overwhelmingly important detail – the screen printed T-shirts.

An Easy Identification Method for Attendees

If you have ever been to a family reunion, you know that it is very hard to identify everyone in attendance. Perhaps a distant cousin that you have never met responded to an invitation and will be arriving with their family. This type of scenario happens many more times than most family reunion planners would like to admit.

Having a set of custom T-shirts designed specifically for family reunion attendees will make it very easy to identify all reunion attendees without having to suffer through any awkward and confusing lines of questioning.

A Clear Example of Unity and Bonding

When it comes to T-shirt screen printing Australia residents and business owners fully know the importance of having these shirts readily available in order to bring the family closer together. As mentioned earlier, chances are that this event will be introducing absolute strangers that just happen to be related either by blood or marriage to one another.

Wearing a screen printed T-shirt that has been customized and designed specifically for this event will automatically give everyone a head-start when it comes to the bonding and unity stages of the event. When you see someone wearing the same family reunion T-shirt as you (whether you recognize them or not), you will quickly identify them as being your family and that can creates a magnetic appeal that will draw you two together.

A Memorable and Comfortable Souvenir

After the family reunion is over, all of the family members and friends that attended will return to their homes and respective lives. Perhaps they will review the footage from the video recordings that were captured throughout the event or even take an occasional glance at all of the pictures that they took while they were there.

However, there is not a more powerful reminder that they will cherish and value more than the family reunion T-shirt. This is perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of having custom T-shirts made for the family reunion in the first place – being able to cherish a memorable and comfortable souvenir of such an amazing event.

Trusting in the high-quality service of 24 Hour T-Shirts to create the perfect family reunion custom T-shirts for your event would be a wise decision on your part. Their expert staff is fully knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to making these shirts extra special for your entire family to enjoy for many years to come.



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